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Ear Seeds Therapy

Ear Seeds Therapy

Ear Seeds Therapy

Ear seed therapy is an evidence-based scientific approach, part of a larger practice called auriculotherapy. A type of acupressure therapy that focuses on the ear.

In this practice, the ear serves as a microsystem of the entire body. The nerves from the ear connect with the reflex centres in the brain. These neurological pathways send messages to the spinal cord and the part of the body being targeted.

Ear seeds are small seeds often from the Vaccaria plant and are a great way to enhance the overall results of your health. They can serve as an alternative to therapy when a patient has a work trip or vacation scheduled at the time.

Ear seed therapy is often used as an alternative for people who have a phobia of needles, 

Ear seeds have given me excellent results for stress management, ADHL, insomnia, addiction, anxiety, chronic pain, and weight reduction.





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