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Chakra cleansing​

Chakra cleansing

Chakra cleansing

By activating and cleansing the chakra points or glands points of the human body, The objective of activating is to realise who is the self or who am I.

This practice is highly recommended for those who eat vegetarian food regularly at least for 9 years, eating 100% plant-based foods is vegan, and eating 99% plants based 1% milk products is vegetarian both are eligible for this chakra cleaning.

In no form eating fish, meat, and eggs. It’s an advantage, if one practices regularly in ’yogic ways of life’ or life compassionate for all souls, and gives respect for all souls.  

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Ear Seeds Therapy

Ear seeds are part of a larger practice called auriculotherapy or ear seed therapy.

Mudra or Muthirai

Mudras are specific hand postures in a combination of finger gestures that are known to have effects on the human body and mind.

Pranayamam and Yogasanam

In the modern or western world, it’s called yoga therapy.


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