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Food Therapy

Food Therapy

The food culture of an ethnic group is the link chain of their civilizational development path. 

An ethnic group shapes its diet based on what is available in its landscape. 

Then, according to their civilization, their eating habits also evolved and moved towards the stage where food is medicine.

Today, we have been forced to consider medicine as food.  The body is always fighting and adapting to the external environment to be successful in being healthy.


As per traditional Ayurveda, Siddha and Tamil Medical systems emphasis:

  1. Vaadham, pitham, kabam (Wind, bile and phlegm)  whose balance determines the health of the body and mind of the person.
  2. The body needs no medicine if one eats after ensuring the earlier intake is digested.

Tamil manuscript Thirukural Before BC 331.


The traditional medical system suggests people follow food according to the environment or climatic conditions, and body conditions.

People who live in cold countries must avoid cold foods that can damage the stomach, such as сold water with ice, сarbonated drinks, ice cream, salads, smoothies and other raw foods. These foods are cold and uncooked, which makes the stomach work harder to process them, thereby weakening it and making you cold and quickly changing your moods.

The opposite is: if the stomach becomes too hot it will spit stomach juices upwards like an erupting volcano causing heartburn (acid reflux). In such cases, the stomach needs to be cooled down by eating fewer hot, spicy, greasy foods and eating cooling foods such as water-based vegetables such as cucumber. Foods can be grouped into different natures: “hot”, “cold”, “damp” or “tonics”.

Plants that take longer to grow, such as carrots, parsnips and cabbage, are more warming than those that grow quickly, such as lettuce, squash, radish and cucumber, which are cooling. Tonics are foods that increase energy to promote general health and well-being.

Damp foods include dairy, cheese, cream, gluten and rich foods which make the digestive system work harder.

If a person has an imbalance, they can remedy this by eating the opposite food, for example, cold foods for too much heat or hot foods for too much cold.


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