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Acupressure is used for a wide range of conditions, from neurological such as stroke, paralysis, lime disease, fertility, and pregnancy, to painful conditions such as arthritis, headache, and back pain. There are too many conditions that have been helped by acupuncture to be listed but for a limited list of conditions treatable by acupuncture check out the World Health Organization (WHO) site.

The obvious answer would be that all of your symptoms disappear.  However, if a course of therapy is commonly 6 – 12 therapies, how will you know you are on track?  While some therapies bring quite a dramatic and quick effect, others may build up more slowly toward attaining your goal.

You should be able to look and see small signs of improvement from the first or second acupressure therapy.  You may notice yourself becoming more relaxed in general, more clear-headed, and more energetic.  This shows that blood and qi are starting to clear and move more freely.

You may then start to notice specific improvements in the direction of your therapy goal.  For instance, you may get an increased range of movement in previously restricted joints or muscles.  The pain you experience may go down a few points on the scale or you may be pain-free for longer periods.  You may also have noticeable improvements in mood.

You may be able to measure improvements through, for instance, menstrual charts, or scaling of your pain.  Or even by being able to reduce medication. (If you are taking prescribed medication, this should only be done with your doctor’s permission. Many prescription medications have serious side effects and cannot be stopped quickly.

In the beginning, you may need to come for Acupressure once a week or in some conditions once every three, four, or even six weeks. It often depends on how acute the health is, what kind of natural cycle affects the condition, or whether the body and mind are deep-seated and therefore both mind and body need a longer time between therapies to adjust.

Acupressure is safe, under proper methodologies and there have been studies to back this claim when performed by a fully trained professional ancient medical practiser who sees the person and entire system in a holistic approach.

According to five elements Theology from Tamil Saivism or Saiva Siddhantham the elements such has Water(blood), Earth( bones and flesh),Air(movement of Air inside the body inner balanced), Fire( heat in the body)is created from the root source  called Space(Prabanjam)Kosmiline. Our objective is to focus on the Core.  

AA UU MM ( OHM) in Ancient Tamil is called Pranavam Porul.

AA Agaram

UU Ugaram

MM Magaram.

It starts from the a single source  or a dot and keep expanding due to its curiosity of uncompressed force and move  towards circular motion’s, comparing with the space is expanding and the objects in the space is in circular movement and attached towards its internal force and attracted towards itself.

Reference: Ancient Tamil manuscripts Thirumular thirumanthiram, Sivagaanabotham




  1. Recommendation of your friends or neighbours, In a family, if one gets benefits through ancient medicine, they invite their family and friends to receive the same benefits.
  2. A person’s experience, with a traditional background where the knowledge is shared from generation to generation from a holistic approach, is a huge advantage.  It helps diagnosis and ability to provide powerful successful outcomes.
  3. In-depth ancient medicine methodologies-specific training with awareness in consciousness, at least 10 years would be an advantage. One who knows to seek help from root causes of all matters. One who realizes that human intelligence is insufficient to realise and one who knows to seek blessing from the highest consciousness.
  4. University program recognized by the medical board from different countries with at least 3 years of Bachelor and Master’s with  alternative medicine education.
  5. Approachable.  This is sometimes overlooked, maybe partly because patients see alternative medicine practiser as somehow ‘magical.’  Careful case-taking is vital so that the  practitioner can come up with the correct analysis.

Mudra therapy is highly beneficial for the mind and realising the self. It’s one of the highest yogic practices. Proper guidance with Vegetarianism with soul respectfulness is extremely important for Mudra therapy, First record of this therapy was mentioned in Tamil Manuscript Thirumandiram by Thirumular, before BC 1200.


To my least knowledge, Since 2003, You cannot find them in reality, and they are not easily visible to the outer world. It’s hard to believe.  In the western world, yoga and spiritual leaders are mainly business-oriented rather than spiritually oriented. I have noticed lots of fakes, who say they are yoga masters. They gather as many people around them, create ashrams and live a luxurious life with people’s sins,  and they portray themselves as real masters and the only masters in the world or born has mastered.

Yoga is like my language and way of life. The earliest record of yoga is mentioned in my language Tamil from the manuscript Thirumular thirumandiram 1200 BC. The ethics that yoga masters must follow are mentioned in my language manuscript Thirukural 600 BC, I refer to these Tamil manuscripts Thirukural and Thirumanthiram together with my experience and I share my thoughts. Believe it or not, is your karma.

Depends on your inner travel. If you seek real yoga masters, they don’t need to be in the physical body and then you need blessings from a higher consciousness.


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