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Pranayamam and Yogasanam

Pranayamam and Yogasanam

Pranayamam and Yogasanam

 In the modern or western world, it’s called yoga therapy.

It’s the best way to clean the body and mind to connect and realize divinity, In my custom, the quality of standards is beyond human thoughts, these are taught by masters who transfer the knowledge from generation to generation, different lifetimes and life journeys.

It said at least 300 years of experience in ’Thavam’ is required to teach these practices.

Unfortunately, 2 days of internet online courses are enough for this western world to be a teacher in pranayama and yogasanam.

The human body and mind require a holistic approach to realize the fundamentals to realize oneself.

According to Tamil Saivaism mentioned in the Tamil manuscript Thirumalai Thirumanthiram and Sivagaana Botham.

The cleaning and realising of the Thulam (Physical body), Sukumam (Astral), AthiSukumam or Pranavam (Soul) can be achieved by effort and blessing.


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